What to Know When Purchasing LED Downlights

LED DownlightsLED bulbs are easy to install and are the best when you want to dim the lights in your room. They are also energy efficient and will stand the test of time compared to other bulbs. There has, therefore, been a spike in their demand in the market and today, there are many brands and suppliers in the market. Before you head on out to the shop and buy these lights, it is essential to know your needs to ensure that you get your perfect match. This article will look at a few things that you need to know before buying LED downlights.


The first thing to consider is energy consumption. Despite LED bulbs being very energy efficient, more lights mean more energy use. You should compare the wattage of different lighting and if they prove to be saving energy while still delivering the right amount of light, then go for them.


Mode of installation is another thing to consider. There are different ways to install these LED lights. For example, when using the recessed lighting, the ceiling should not be too high. Otherwise, when the distance is long, more energy will be used to light up space.


LED bulbs do not always work with universal dimmers, and therefore, it is advisable to buy a package that comes with its dimming components to have the right light effect whenever need be.


You should also remember that the LED bulbs come in different colours and quality of light. Personal preferences dictate this as well as the mood one wants to create. For example, one may prefer those with reasonable CRI value which is popular with most consumers. CRI value is the degree to which a light source can portray objects in their realistic colour.



The right LED bulbs should be compliant with safety measures that have been put in place by law. When buying these LED bulbs, ensure that you do not violate any safety guidelines to avoid dangers.


The other aspect to consider is their use. For example, for commercial use, there are guidelines according to each building, and you should observe this. For home use, the owner is in charge and bound by the existing energy laws and also the available budget.


LED downlights works in any setup and will offer you many benefits than any other lights and you have a guarantee that the lights will stand the test of time and save you energy. Therefore, if you have not installed these lights yet, it is high time you shop for the LED bulbs and enjoy the benefits.