Things That Search Engines Hate the Most About How Websites Do SEO In Adelaide

You’ve done your fair share of learning and research about search engine optimisation, and yet you’re still here reading this. Don’t be too hard on yourself because SEO is quite a broad concept; even the most experienced individuals can’t say with certainty that they know every rule and guideline from which search engines rely on ranking websites.

Whether you’re a business owner who is about to hire someone to do SEO for your website or you intend to cover the base on your own; you must acknowledge that not all techniques and strategies are effective or even legal to the eyes of the search engines. If you want to put your pages on top of Google’s organic search rankings, you must avoid these “black hat” practices at all costs:

1 – Keyword Stuffing

The use of keywords in your pages and content is an irreplaceable tenet of SEO Adelaide – it is something you can’t afford to ignore. What’s the point of trying to rank for a specific search term if you don’t even have a set of target keywords? But like all things in life, you shouldn’t overdo it. Overusing keywords on your pages does not only affect the readability of your content, but it also hurts your reputation to the eyes of Google and the search engines. It shows that you’re desperate to rank even if your content no longer makes sense.

2 – Duplicate Content

Another thing that search engines hate so much is duplicate or copied content. When Google sees the same article or blog post on two sites or pages, it will only index one of the two. You never want your website to end up being penalised because the words you use on your pages aren’t even yours. If you are hiring a writer or content creator to produce the content, either for your website or marketing platforms, be adamant about providing original and unique content.

3 – Hidden Links and Text

At SEO Adelaide, we know through experience that manipulating the search engine rankings by using hidden text and links will never work. Although the average visitor to your website may not notice it, Google always finds it through its algorithm and crawlers. Don’t even contemplate for a second that you can come up with a way around it. There’s no way to trick the search engines of deceptive methods like positioning your text off-screen, setting your font size to zero, or hiding a link behind a single character.

4 – Buying Links

There was a time when link farms were so popular, and the websites and companies offering links for sale made a ton of money with it. But with constant changes in how Google responds to these tactics, the reality is that you no longer can use this method today. If you insist, you will only end up getting penalised. The only way to work up your way to the top of the search engine results pages is by linking to authority sites.

Search engine optimisation takes a while to produce results. No matter how religious you are in implementing a “failsafe” strategy, there is no way to achieve success overnight. You must embrace this reality if you want your website to rank on top for your target keywords. The reason why some people use black hat strategies is that they want immediate results, but it never works.