Things You Must Avoid Doing in SEO

As someone who intends to keep up with the business competition, you realise that no other investment is more meaningful than a search engine optimisation campaign. Provided you already have a website that represents your business or brand on the web, the next thing you must focus on is launching an SEO campaign sooner than later. You see, the thing about establishing an online presence is that you cannot assume that creating a website is sufficient. You have to optimise the same site so that it gets listed and ranked in Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. The most practical and cost-effective way of doing that is through search engine optimisation.

However, not all methods and techniques associated with SEO are ideal for improving website visibility. In fact, there are a handful of practices you should entirely avoid, the purpose of which is to prevent the possibility of your site getting penalised or sandboxed by Google.

So, here are those things you should tell your SEO provider to avoid doing:

1 – Black Hat Optimisation Techniques

Even if you are desperate in the hope of keeping up with your rivals regarding building your brand’s reputation over the web, it is not enough reason to resort to using black hat SEO techniques. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as running out of time when it comes to search engine optimisation. The reason is even if you are late to engage in it, there still is much time to catch up. However, if you start using the illegitimate and illegal method, you could end up losing everything. Some of the techniques you must avoid are keyword stuffing, cloaking, using invisible or hidden texts, creating additional gateway pages, creating link farms, and redirecting URLs to another website.

2 – Posting Irrelevant and Low-Quality Content

Every SEO provider you talk to will tell you the same thing, which content remains king when it comes to online marketing. Simply put, you cannot ignore the value of relevant and engaging content when you are campaigning for improved visibility of your site as well as building the reputation of your brand. How can Google and other search engines list your website on top of their results pages if it does not even have enough exciting content on its pages? How can you convince visitors to convert into actual customers or clients if they are not impressed with what you are offering or the manner you market your product or service? The truth is a wonderfully designed website will not matter if the content is terrible.

3 – Incorrect Use of Links within the Pages of Your Website

Although it worked in the past, you no longer can take advantage putting so many links within your content. Google considers it as spam. Therefore, learn how to leave backlinks in the ideal parts of your website. Make them look at natural as possible.